memory foam

So, what are the key differences between each type of foam? We’ll highlight what each foam is and how they differ: Please understand that this is just a simple breakdown and you will find many variations of these foams in use.

1.Latex foam: Mattresses made with this foam are known for being natural and durable. They are one of the most eco-friendly mattresses on the market and they provide good support and will outlast polyurethane and memory foam mattresses.

2.Polyurethane foam: This is the most common type of foam used in mattresses and is actually derived from petroleum. They are considered non-toxic once the chemicals have reacted. It’s one of the more economical choices but this mattress doesn’t provide as much support as latex or memory foam mattresses.

3.Visco-Elastic(memory foam): This mattress uses the same chemicals as a polyurethane foam, but it also has added chemicals to create that signature foam imprint seen on mattress ads and mattress commercials. Since it is much denser than its counterparts, it absorbs more pressure and offers more support. Due to the materials and chemicals used to make this foam, the mattress tends to sleep hot and it won’t sleep nearly as “cool” as latex.

Regardless of which type of foam you choose to go with for your mattress, keep in mind that the higher the density of the foam, the better the overall durability….but also more expensive.